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Lynx Security services – LSS is an independent security Risk Management Company. We provide integrated security solutions to all potential clients

Ever since, it has serviced a wide range of clients in helping the management identify, assess and manage their inherent business security risks. We also undertake security surveys, audits, review security procedures and develop emergency/crisis management programs. 

We also offer elaborate Security management training for Security and non –security staff and undertake corporate security and safety awareness sessions for all staff.  These are in-house sessions tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

Lynx Security approach is  an innovative risk based approach to delivering proactive security risk management services and products. Lynx Security Services aims at  providing integrated security service that help the management to identify their specific  security threats and concerns and provide cost effective security solutions. Our  main objective is therefore to provide a proactive and holistic approach to security risk management.

The LYNX security concept and strategy was formulated by a team of experienced security professionals with several years of multi-sectoral corporate security and safety training across the region. LSS vision is to have the concept of safer communities and integrated facility services- IFSS appreciated and accepted as an ideal concept of providing efficient and cost effecting security and safety services.

LSS business strategy  provides IFSS- integrated  facility security services to multinationals, large and medium range companies, Real estate developers/managing agencies, gated community management agencies, UN agencies, NGO’s and large manufacturing companies. LYNX also works closely with the existing large insurance companies in offering risk improvement products.

In recent past security has continued to diversify, increase in complexity, specialization and responsibility. Security responsibility is therefore not only limited to the protection of corporate assets and loss prevention but an even more important role in ensuring the security and safety  of employees ,crisis management , emergency response and business contingency planning. The main objective of an effective security system is to prevent losses and ensure a secure and safe environment for clients and staff while developing contingency plans to meet the unexpected emergencies


LSS’s approach is an innovative risk based approach to delivering proactive security management services and products. The major benefit of the LSS approach is to offer the business a solid highly dependable efficient round the clock responsive risk based security solutions and services.

Management structure

LSS strategy and vision is developed and tracked by a board of management. Its day to day operations are managed by a full-time team under a CEO- Chief executive officer. Major departments include IFMS, technical support, marketing, investigations and training.

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