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We invite you to join us in the newly launched “Networked Society of Security Professionals”. As the business becomes more dependent on security, the range of security business processes and services that can be out sourced to security professionals is constantly expanding. You, as a security professional are definitely a link in the security industry no matter your area of specialization. Our objective is therefore to establish a professional forum to exchange ideas, share knowledge and expediencies. It is with no doubt that professional gain enormously by association, not only with peers but others outside their immediate work area.

The benefits of a professional forum are:-

  1. Interact, network and exchange knowledge with other professionals in varies fields
  2. Providing an opportunity to promote the security profession
  3. Gain and share knowledge
  4. Gain more from your work and career
  5. Undertake and share research
  6. Bloom our entrepreneurship skills
  7. To foster among all professionals, in the security industry, the spirit of togetherness, solidarity, service and sense of responsibility towards their fraternity and general public

We are therefore taking the initiative to invite you to join us to our monthly security forum to be hosted at the Southern Sun Hotel. The forum will be held on monthly basis from 5.30pm – 8.30pm on the last Thursday of  the second week of the month. Our next forum will be on 20th September 2012.

Please confirm your attendance by filling in the form below. This will help us to plan more efficiently and also maintain a data base to share and exchange presentations, ideas and expediencies. Feel free to invite a friend or colleague that you think will be interested in joining the forum.

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