Response Services

They are divided in:

  • Emergency Road and Air rescue services 
    • Option 1: Emergency ambulance services at Kshs 1,000 per household.
    • Option 2: Country wide ambulance rescue within and outpatient cover of Kshs 50,000 annual limit Kshs 1.5m and 24hrs nurse help line. Kshs 4,700 per member per year.
    • Option 3: East Africa Road and Air rescue in and outpatient cover at Kshs 100,000 annual limit Kshs 3m, a 24hr nurse and call center. Kshs 8,400 per member annually.
  • Electronic solutions e.g. CCTV, Motion Sensors, Alarms, Intrusion detection etc
  • 24/7 Remote Surveillance – provides full coverage and total peace of mind
    • Our managed IP Based Surveillance solution is a 24/7 remotely managed surveillance that offers real time tracking and monitoring, peace of mind and long term secure video data recording, replicated at different levels.
    • Our Control room is equipped with current technologies and a dedicated team to monitor the video data 24/7 and also offer video analysis of the recordings hence providing real time reporting. The reports provide the client the capability to act on any happenings within their premises or track any suspicious activities.
    • We provide the Surveillance solutions as an integrated approach to security risk management. Our response is based on a multi- ed approach that ensures we partner with all the existing security agents, so as provide a highly response team; especially in situations and circumstances that  warrant escalation to other security agents (Police, security Patrols other security Agents.)
  • Remote surveillance services include:
    • Closed Circuit Television Systems
    • Access Control Systems
    • Intruder Alarm Systems
    • Perimeter Detections Systems
    • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

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